£1,450 got this couple a photographer and video with all files included....what a bargain!


What they got wasn't worth a pound! Whilst it's tempting to laugh (the article features some of the worst wedding photos ever seen - take a look!) you have to feel for the folks that have lost the priceless memories from their day. Time and again, we hear these stories from people who book cheap wedding photographers and later regret it. In fact we've done more than one post-wedding shoot with couples who booked photographers who just didn't deliver a single worthwhile image.

Couple of bits of advice  from us.

1. Book a photographer who can show you complete weddings, not just 'best of' portfolios.

2. Make sure your photographer is full time, insured and experienced.

3. Make sure they're fully equipped with backup (and backup backup!) equipment, lighting and have contingency plans in case of bad weather or the day running late.

4. Have a pre-wedding shoot before the day so you know your 'tog' and  you're comfortable with their work.

If all else fails, consider booking Derek Pye, the self-styled 'World's Greatest Living Wedding photographer'  Laughing